Hands On Learning Materials-Harper & Bantam

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Harper & Bantam (8 Boxes)

A Family Games That Fun Playing

~ stimulate mental development and inspire creativity and imagination.

  • Involves tasks that require mental exercise and hand-eyes coordination.
  • Able to keep the child mentally receptive to new learning while having fun!
  • Nurtures the ability to communicate with one another while fostering the virtue of cooperation and understanding.
  • Develops a sense of community through the understanding of rules and cooperation.

Age: For children 3-12 years old


 Play - a short cut to knowledge


" Training create pressure: What is worrying is not only parents repeatedly showing VCDs or flashcard to children but at the same time, the children will miss the real important of learning through "play""

{Dr. Grinsfan, Pediatric Neurologist}


"Play begins in enjoyment and ends in knowledge/wisdom"

{Mr. Froebel, French Educationist}


"Imagination is more important than knowledge"

{Albert Einstein, Scientist} 





A DECK of card holds endless possibilities. Lolita Mermaid is a box of 81 cute illustrated cards, with four dice and 12 classification cards.

You can play this card game with your small and bigger kids as it’s all about speed and the ability to focus on what the game requires, whether it is to find the cards with the fish of the same type, colour or number.

For toddlers, it is a great tool to teach them to recognise colours, shapes and numbers. It also tests their skill in matching and sorting. For bigger kids, it becomes a game of speed and it can also sharpen your memory when used as a memory game.

Don’t limit yourself to playing the standard game options available on the instructions. With a little imagination, there’s no limit to the games you could play with these little colourful cards.

Generally, any board or card game translates to fun time with my girls. It provides time for proper interaction without any electronic gadgets.

I liked how we were so present and completely committed to winning the game. I had their undivided attention while we played the card games. It offered quality time together and even after we had kept away the game, it was fun just talking about it and strategising for the next game.

I also liked that it’s meant for the whole family and everyone can play, even grandma and grandpa. It doesn’t involve a lot of physical movement, making it seniors-friendly.

Any number of players can have a go. Even a single player can come up with a couple of useful games, enough to keep one occupied.

Lolita Mermaid is not bulky and can be taken along when you travel so that you can keep your children entertained, be it at a friend’s house or at an airport lounge while waiting for your connecting flight.

The only drawback for me is that it requires a large flat space to spread all 81 cards.

Pros: Endless possibilities.

Cons: Needs space; too many cards.



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Hands On Learning Materials-Harper & Bantam
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