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~ Thinking Clearly ~

    Thinking is an inherent part of our lives, whether or not we are studying, crossing the street, playing or chatting with friends. Although we are constantly thinking, we may not be thinking rationally or logically all the time. Making decisions we regret later can be a sign that we have not been thinking clearly.
    It is impossible to make the right decisions at every moment of our lives, but we can learn to think rationally and logically to avoid from making unnecessary errors in our decisions.
    Learn these thinking skills with a hands-on approach with BRAINet’s complete range of mental development materials.


  I hear it, I forgot it.

  I see it, I know it.

  I do it, I can understand it.


The Objective and Prospects of ‘Fun Learning Paradise’

    Fun Learning Paradise has been established for over 14 years, thanks to the genuine undying support from parents, teachers and educators nationwide – without your support, we wouldn't have the inspiration to continually pursue our goals and provide the best for our generations to come.

    With all sincerity and passion for education, we feel that Malaysian children are at a disadvantage for they lack professional education materials. As emphasized in the philosophy of Montessori’s approach, early childhood education is crucial to the intellectual development of children in later years, and the lack of proper materials and conducive learning environment could severely hamper the progress of such development. It is up to us to go beyond Malaysian education – maintained at passive learning methods – and take advantage of progressive education systems designed and fine-tuned by international experts to help shape a better future for our children.

    We believe that brainstorming, games, puzzles, story-telling and other dynamic and interactive methods are essential supplements to conventional schooling because these are the very methods that stimulate, within young minds, the desire to learn through empowered curiosity; and the inspiration needed for creativity and imagination.

    With the objective of continuous improvement of childhood education, Fun Learning Paradise vows to maximize the potential of every child by providing effective and quality learning materials for all caring parents.

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