Phinken Learning Card

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The First Mental Development Programme for your beloved children.

1. Build up basic concept of logic and cognition
Every illustration or picture in the book provides different kinds of learning method or material of the daily matter or thing. This would helps a lot in development of observation, recognition, thinking power, and sensory, hence increase the learning experiences.

2. Develop the logic and cognition in mind
Illustration book with logistic not only will give the colourful visual, but also can provide a systematic guidance to the children. The basic cognition and systematic learning progress will provide a great beginning for the child's logical thinking and advance study in the future.

3. Increase the language learning opportunities
Since the born of a baby, he / she may learn a bit of the cognition such as simple colour, shape and object recognition through story telling and description from the mother. Learning, interacting and rapid practice with mother will help the child to mastering the ability of the language communication skill.

4. Develop the creativity and the imagination
Observation skill can be developed through colourful illustration book. Besides, it can stimulate the creativity and the imagination that bear in mind. Some interesting picture may inspire the children to make a logical thinking and some matter that related to the picture. In addition, children can learn to solve and thus develop the potential of the brainpower.

5. Develop and build up good aesthetic ability
It is important to let children to know the contents of the books through the beautiful picture and illustration since childhood because it may give learning motivation to the children and the understanding to the matter and thing.

6. Step-by-step learning progress
Step-by-step learning progress is by using a systematic method, continuing to help the long-term development and build up discipline and quality behavior within the children.

7. Having good parent-child interaction
During the reading time, children can feel the effort, love and care of the parents through a simple touch. At the same time, parents can get close to their child thus helps a lot when giving the child a suitable assist and tolerance. The children grow in an environment full with books can fully enjoy the joyfulness of reading, be a best pal of the books.

8. Develop the ability of solving problems
Problems may happen anytime or anywhere in daily life, when facing them, parents should teach the children how to face it, handle it, and solve it. Gradually, children will learn to use their mind to solve the problems. Children will be happy after solving problems.


find the source of the problems and the missing parts, so the problems can be solve easily.

STEP 2: 
teach them the relationship of cause and effect, problem will be solved after understand it.

STEP 3: 
teach them to make preparation for any circumstances or emergencies.

STEP 4: 
teach them the most suitable method to solve some certain problems. By using pictures to tell story, ask some related questions. Give them guidance if they were mistake; don't ever scold them by the time.


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Phinken Learning Card
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