Hands On Learning Materials-Harbor

Dimensions: L:38cm  x  W:38cm  x  H:32cm
Brand: Hands On Learning Materials
Product Code: SYS-009
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Harbor ~stimulate mental development and inspire 10 Aspects of Intelligence

  • Involves tasks that require mental exercise and hand-eyes coordination.
  • Able to keep the child mentally receptive to new learning while having fun!
  • Nurtures the ability to communicate with one another while fostering the virtue of cooperation and understanding.
  • Develops a sense of community through the understanding of rules and cooperation.

Age: For children 3-12 years old


Playing is a necessary to the children. It is accepted as a media for connecting learning and advancement in child education. It reflects children daily activities both socially and culturally. Most educationists agree that playing occupy an important role in children. They maintain that lack of play would hamper the progress of mental and physical development. Researches an the mental faculty also reveal that playing activity is the basic of learning as well as the coordinating agent of nervous system.



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Hands On Learning Materials-Harbor
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