Anti Virus

Dimensions: L:24cm  x  W:4.5cm  x  H:24cm
Brand: Smart Games
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Put your body and mind to work and get rid of the red virus!

Can you get rid of the virus in this „bio-logical” game? Anti-Virus is a sliding puzzle game with a new twist: tiles that only slide diagonally and can move in groups. Young and old alike are quick to "catch the bug”. Once you’ve started playing you won’t want to stop!

The Bio Logical Game! Put your immune system to work and get rid of the virus before it can multiply itself. Anti Virus is a sliding puzzle game with a new twist: tiles that only slide diagonally and can move in groups! One you " catch the bug" it's hard to put this game down. 60 challenges in 5 levels, to keep your body and mind healthy.



game board

colourful puzzle pieces

booklet with 60 challenges

solutions from easy to difficult



Logical Thinking

Planning Skill



7 Years Old and Above


Awards :

Major Fun! Award

The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval


How To Play

1. Choose a challenge and place all game pieces as indicated on the game board.


2. Move the game pieces around, so you can maneuver the virus (the red game piece) to the exit:

. Game pieces can only slide diagonally, in 4 directions (diagram A). You must not move them horizontally or vertically or rotate them (diagram B and C).

. Sometimes you need to move pieces together as a group (diagram D).

. You are allowed to push part of a game piece through the opening, to make space to move other game pieces around during your challenge (diagram E).

. You can move all the game pieces except the small white ones. You should consider them part of the game board during that specific challenge.


3. You have found the solution when you can force the red virus completely through the opening and off the game board (diagram F). Cell-ebrate your success by taking on a new challenge!


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Anti Virus
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