Penguin On Ice

Dimensions: L:24cm  x  W:4.5cm  x  H:24cm
Brand: Smart Games
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Use your mind to keep the penguins on ice!

Can you pack the ice so that every puzzle tile can fit on the game board? Can you also make sure that all the penguins are in the right spot?

Five penguins are on a slippery slope! Can you fit all five pieces on the game board - with the Penguins placed in the right spots? Penguins on ice is a unique and award-winning puzzle game featuring shifting, "pentomino" playing pieces. An excellent challengefor all ages!


Contents: game board, 5 puzzle pieces, booklet with 60 challenges, solutions from easy to difficult



  • Planning Skill
  • Analytic Skill
  • Spatial Concept


Age : 6 Years Old and Above


  • Speelgoed van het Jaar 2011 België
  • Best Puzzle Runner-Up 2012 Games Magazine
  • Canadian Toy Testing Council 2012
  • Nominated Toy of the Year 2011 Denmark
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2011
  • Hračka Roku 2012 (Toy of The Year 2012)

How To Play

1. Choose a challenge and make sure you pay attention to the location of each penguin - you might have one or more penguins to position!

At STARTER/JUNIOR level you are given the form and the position of one or more puzzle pieces to get you off to a flying start, and to show you how the game works.


2. Arrange the 5 puzzle pieces on the game board, one next to the other so they all fit, and at the same time, make sure all the penguins are positioned as indicated in the challenge:

. To succeed you must change the shape of the pieces of ice by sliding the two parts of each puzzle tile up and down to find a shape that fits.

. When the challenge shows fewer then 5 penguins, you can choose where to put the other penguins.

. The direction the penguins face is not important. When you look at your challenge, you only need to pay attention to which position each penguin is in, not the direction.


3. There is only one correct solution. You can find all the solutions at the back of the challenge booklet.


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Penguin On Ice
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