Sleeping Beauty

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Conquer the maze, break the spell!

Discover the magic of the popular fairytale in this original thinking game especially for the little ones.
Can you help the knight to get to Sleeping Beauty Castle without getting lost? Or would you rather help the princess find the exit to the maze?
Or maybe you prefer to play as the dragon? Then the game is just reversed.It becomes extra challenging, because the 4 different parts of the game board create a new maze each time.

Sleeping Beauty consists of 60 assignments (30 without and 30 with the dragon) and also contains a nice picture book with the original fairy tale in a contemporary jacket.


  • A great brain game for young children
  • 48 challenges plus a family-friendly picture book
  • Challenges utilize key cognitive skills
  • Navigate the maze or play as the dragon and block the path!
  • For Ages 3 and up, Easy to Expert Challenges



Game board, 4 puzzle pieces with maze, Sleeping Beauty, Prince, Dragon, Castle, Booklet with 60 assignments, Extra picture book



Suitable Age: 3 to 99 years old



Stimulates These Cognitive Skills:

  • Spatial Insight
  • Planning
  • Problem Solving
  • Concentration
  • Flexible Thinking


How to Play...




















Choose an assignment. Place the 4 parts of the maze in the edge of the game board as indicated in the assignment. Each part has a flower of different color to help you put it in the right place. Place the castle on the part of the game board with the red flower. Place the knight at the entrance to the maze and Sleeping Beauty at the gate of the castle


In half of these assignments you play with the knight, in the other half with princess: • BLUE ARROW (knight): Find the way from the entrance of the maze to the gate of the castle, through the knight through the maze to move. • YELLOW ARROW (Sleeping Beauty): Find the way from the castle gate to the maze entrance by moving the princess through the maze. You must not lift the knight or princess and they cannot climb over the walls!



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Sleeping Beauty
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