Intro To Engineering

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How to get huge powers? How the parachute descends slowly? Why race cars run so fast? There are so many principles waiting for us to explore!

This kit will bring young researchers to play 21 interesting experiments. The simple explanation makes it easier for children to understand, read and learn the basic concepts of physical principles, and children can do it by themselves! Through these exciting experiments, parents and children can explore the operation of the lever and pulley system together. It is suitable for children as their first science STEM Kit!


● Quick and easy assembly for novice engineers.
● Bright and clear illustrations guide children through basic scientific and physics principles.
● Explore the world of sea, air and land engineering projects.
● Through 21 experiments explore the principles of leverage, balance, energy conversion, wind power, rotation, gears, tension, buoyancy, and more.
● Use a wide variety of materials in immersive projects ideal for young scientific learners.
● STEAM-based in philosophy and practice.

Suitable Age: 5 and above

Contents: 56 pieces, 21 Experiments, Colour Manual Included.


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Intro To Engineering
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