Smart Car

Dimensions: L:24cm  x  W:6cm  x  H:24cm
Brand: Smart Games
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A Truckload of FUN!

A wooden game that evolves with your child growing skills.

Can you assemble a car? The model remains the same but the car construction plans get more and more difficult!

Is your car ready?Let's go for a test drive! But don't forget to keep your eyes on the road.

Contents :

  • booklet with 48 challenges
  • 4 colourful wooden blocks
  • wooden car chassis

Age: 3 Year Old and Above

Develops :

  • Colour & Shape Recognition
  • Balancing skill
  • Gross Motor skill
  • Spatial Intelligent
  • Analysit 


  • Fun Award Meisjesspeelgoed 3-6 jaar 2011
  • Genomineerd Speelgoed Van het jaar Nederland 2011
  • Parents Choice Silver Award
  • Speelgoed van het jaar Beigie 2011
  • The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

How To Play

1. Place the four blocks next to the car's chassis and choose a challenge from the challenge booklet:


2. Build the car using the four coloured blocks to match the colours shown in the challenge:

. The shape of the car is always the same, but you must place the blocks differently each time.

. All blocks must be used.

. The car's "windscreen" must always feature the car's two big eyes! No other eyes must be visible, so make sure you hide them!

. Only the colours on some parts of the car are shown. The white squares indicate the colours not revealed (EXPERT & MASTER level)


3. The single, correct solution is on the reverse side of the challenge.



. There are many more ways to build this shape of car with these four blocks than you might first imagine! Blocks can be used in any orientation: horizontally or vertically.

. When the challenges are still too hard to solve, you can ignore the rule about the position of the car's eyes (2c).


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Smart Car
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