JE Gear Up

Dimensions: L:40cm  x  W:23cm  x  H:39cm
Brand: Gigo
Product Code: 4716503074610
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● Bright macaroon inspired color system.
● Machine recognition from basic to senior gear level.
● Develops self-learning and logical thinking.
● Provides a foundation for basic technical thinking.

Suitable Age: 2 and above

Contents: 110 pieces, 72 Models to build, Colourfull Manual Included

More details:

The Gear Up set now uses the new, bright macaron, Morandi inspired color system. There are 72 different models to build centered around everyday life themes including airplanes, trains, automatic doors, food mixers and more.

This set guides children through basic identification of the parts of a mechanical system, to the various specific uses of gears. By understanding how different size gears relate to each other, children will grasp the purpose of transmissions and develop an understanding of ratios. Using three-dimensional thinking, children will make models with various transmission types and improve their elementary building skills. The color manual contains various gear combination examples from beginner projects to advanced learners. This set includes a large number of components so that children can expand on their ideas, build to the limits of their imagination and maintain multiple projects simultaneously.

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JE Gear Up
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