Green Energy

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ECO POWER 22 vehicles to assemble – motored by an environment friendly and non-toxic recyclabl..

RM269.90 Ex Tax: RM269.90

ELECTRIC POWER ● Build 11 vehicles motorized with the energy produced by a dynamo: race car, land..

RM249.90 Ex Tax: RM249.90

Hovercraft Use the air power to float the hovercraft which moves quickly not only on land but als..

RM349.90 Ex Tax: RM349.90

SOLAR CATAMARAN ●6 experiments allow players to create their favorite cool models. ●The multi-fu..

RM149.90 Ex Tax: RM149.90

SOLAR HERO ● 11 different experiments allow players to create their favorite models. ● Children ..

RM199.90 Ex Tax: RM199.90

SOLAR MASTER ● You can assemble 22 different models one after another; plane, helicopter, racing ..

RM349.90 Ex Tax: RM349.90

Water Power The pioneer of future "Green Energy" - Magic Water!  Allows children to activat..

RM299.90 Ex Tax: RM299.90

WATER POWER MINI ●The hydro power in this set utilizes the principles of air and water pressure s..

RM130.90 Ex Tax: RM130.90
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