Linking Base Ten Material

Dimensions: L:28cm  x  W:17cm  x  H:10.5cm
Brand: Gigo
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Good helper in mathematicsLinking Base Ten Material

a mathematical manipulative used by students to learn basic mathematical concepts including addition, subtraction, number sense, place value and counting. The student can manipulate the blocks in different ways to express numbers and patterns.

Base 10 models refers to the pictorial representation of the concrete objects or manipulatives that represent the number system we use used. Units represent one-digit digits or numbers, rods represent a group of 10, and flats represent a group of 100.


  • Units are connectable; rods and flats are stackable.
  • Understand the relationships from the unit to the cube.
  • Used to teach decimal systems, area and volume.


  • 121 pcs per set
  • UNIT=1 (1X1X1 cm) x 100 pcs
  • ROD=10 (10X1X1 cm) x 10 pcs
  • FLAT =100 (10X10X1 cm) x 10 pcs
  • CUBE=1000 (10X10X10 cm) x 1 pc
  • Packed in a plastic lockable box

Suitable Age: 6 and above

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Linking Base Ten Material
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