Children are Our Future

Barney W. P. LIN
Founder and Chairman
Genius Toy Taiwan Co., Ltd


Every child has his own natural gift, deserving of our respect and appreciation.

Gigo’s Mission is to inspire each child to discover his or her individual ability, to encourage them to reach their potential with confidence. Our goal is to cultivate innovation, independent thinking, and problem-solving skills in every child.

Here at Gigo, we work to ensure that all children grow to embrace their creativity and love for learning through educational games and toys.

All along, I have always believed that if a man has a pure, kind, and honest heart, then he will be rewarded with positive energy. Every time that I’ve felt I’m full of energy, innovative ideas and inspirations seem to endlessly emerge. This is the key factor with which Gigo is able to constantly develop amazing products that have continued to impress the world over the past 38 years. For almost four decades Gigo’s inventions have been recipients of the world's leading awards in the educational toy industry; our quality affirmed by parents all over the globe.

It is for the welfare of all the children in the world that I invent. With the help of positive energy, I develop Gigo products which enable children to understand that "Creativity and inventive ability are not innate, but attainable through practice and learning.” This is the main reason I built up the Gigo brand at the beginning, and there is no doubt it will always be the motivation behind all of Gigo’s toys.

Barney W. P. LIN
Founder and Chairman








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