SmartCar Mini

Dimensions: L:9cm  x  W:9cm  x  H:9cm
Brand: Smart Games
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THE STORY BEHIND THE CREATION OF SMARTCAR MINI                                


This puzzle game is based on SmartCar 5x5, but is much, much smaller. I designed it because we could use a more affordable version. So it doesn’t replace the current SmartCar 5x5 game.  



The original SmartCar 5x5 has 5 wooden blocks. This Mini version has only 4 block in ABS plastics. These parts are identical to 2 blocks from Cube Puzzler Go, but in different colors.


3 blocks are L-shaped (made of 3 cubes), the fourth block is made of 5 cubes. This blue block is basically a combination of the blue and orange block from SmartCar 5x5. Because the blocks are different to the original game, all challenges are new.



example of an EXPERT challenge (left) and solution (right) of SmartCar Mini


The object of the game is still the same: You have to recreate a car, based on information given in the challenge:

  1. -The Starter challenges show a complete side view. 

  2. -The Junior challenges show an incomplete side view. 

  3. -The Expert challenges show an incomplete front, top and side view

  4. -The Wizard challenges show an incomplete front and back view (the original version doesn’t have challenges like this).


The game includes a small booklet with only 24 challenges (SmartCar 5x5 has 96 challenges). But people can download 48 more challenges for free from the official website of SmartGames. Because of the size and price it’s a perfect stocking stuffer or birthday present. 

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SmartCar Mini
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