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Animal Machines ~Help Kids Develop Problem-Solving Capabilities Features ●8 different ani..

RM264.89 Ex Tax: RM249.90

CROSSBOWS & CATAPULTS ● Learn the ancient mechanism of siege weapons. ● Understand basic con..

RM149.91 Ex Tax: RM141.42

ELECTRICITY&MAGNETISM ~Help Kids Develop Problem-Solving Capabilities Features ●Assembl..

RM317.89 Ex Tax: RM299.90

ELECTRICITY DISCOVERY 2.0 ● This science experiment kit explores the fundamentals of electricity ..

RM289.90 Ex Tax: RM273.49

Mini Gyro Features: Build gravity-defying Gyro Robots without batteries but rip..

RM159.90 Ex Tax: RM150.85

PHYSICS WORKSHOP ● 37 experiments allow the children to learn the fundamental laws of mechanical ..

RM289.90 Ex Tax: RM273.49

RC Custom Car-  Develop Kids' Problem-Solving Capabilities  Features: ..

RM498.09 Ex Tax: RM469.90

REMOTE CONTROL MACHINES ● Operate with infrared technology  ● Infrared and touch sensitive ..

RM498.09 Ex Tax: RM469.90
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