Trix Track-2 Way Flipper

Dimensions: L:35.8cm  x  W:8.6cm  x  H:31.49cm
Brand: Wonderworld
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2-way Flipper

Creative Gravity Play. More than a classic wooden ball run.


The Wonderworld 2 Way Flipper set comes with 11 separate rubber wood trix and track components which slot onto 41 orange blocks and 4 colored wooden balls.

Easy locking system keeps your creation stable while you build your maze. With your imagination there are endless configuration possibilities.

Specially designed bricks are made from a combination of recycled saw dust and food grade plastic so it is durable and good for the environment. Combine with other Trix Track sets to create even larger tracks, more tricks and endless fun! 56 piece set including 4 Trix and 4 colored wooden balls.




Age:3 and above



MY three-year-old twins already have a marble run toy made from plastic parts that can be put together into different combinations. I was curious to see how they would react to the Wonder Trix
Track 2-Way Flipper wooden marble run model by Thai toy manufacturer Wonderworld.




The official product description says the Wonder Trix Track 2-Way Flipper is a toy that allows for creative gravity play. It is “easy to build and play, with a brick-locking system that also helps to stabilise the playset. It includes many eye-catching tricks like the two-way flipper that allows the child to send the ball to the left or right side. All items in the Wonder Trix Track collection can be mixed and matched to create a bigger playset for more fun.” The manufacturer has also come up with a useful little video to show you how your child can play with this toy.


Similar to Wonderworld’s Mini Sporty wooden car that we reviewed recently, this toy is also an organic toy that runs without batteries. Natural toys like these are said to allow for an easier transition into “downtime”. It is usually difficult for a child to switch gears to rest or move into quiet time activities like reading after playing with a very active toy.

Also, with a toy where you just press a button to make lights blink and sounds appear, a child merely learns very basic cause and effect. On the other hand, a simple S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills toy like this 2-Way Flipper requires the child to construct the toy before he or she can enjoy its outcomes. This encourages problem-solving skills as well as creative and logical thinking.

I liked that this toy is made from rubber wood and safe non-toxic water-based paints. No marbles are used; instead, there are wooden balls the size of golf balls. It also does not have any sharp edges that can potentially hurt your little one. These features make it a safer choice compared to other similar marble run toys sold in the market that are made from plastic and use real marbles.

Due to its wooden nature, it is a classic toy that can last a long time and be handed down to other siblings or children. This feature and the fact that it does not require any batteries to operate make it a more environmentally-friendly choice.

As highlighted previously, the atmosphere in a room with natural organic toys is also different when compared to a room full of battery-operated plastic toys. It is quieter and more inviting. Children tend to be calmer in that environment as they are not over-stimulated.

It is a good simple S.T.E.M. skills starter toy as it requires the child to construct the tracks before he or she can enjoy its outcomes, encouraging both problem-solving skills as well as creative and logical thinking. It also teaches the child to follow instructions, as he or she has to go through the steps outlined in the construction manual to connect and line up the pieces in order for the maze to work properly.

Marble runs are also generally good educational toys as they help to improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills; teach young children colour and shape recognition; allow children to explore three-dimensional design skills and spatial awareness; and increases your child’s understanding of physics, gravity as well as cause and effect.

It can be played as a standalone toy or mixed and matched with other sets from the Wonder Trix Track collection to create larger, more sophisticated marble run track combinations. You can refer to this video by the manufacturer for an idea on how this can be done.

The drawback is that this particular set only allows for the construction of one possible track combination. My children got bored with the toy after a while. Their other marble run toy made from plastic allowed for at least four different track combinations. I felt it would have been better if it could have at least one other combination to offer variety and to challenge the child’s ability to construct something different.

As a parent, you also need to invest time and effort to help your child construct this toy.

Pros: Environmentally-friendly; can be handed down; safe as made from rubber wood and non-toxic materials, uses larger wooden balls instead of marbles and has no sharp edges; can be combined with other sets from the Wonder Trix Track collection to create larger, more sophisticated track combinations.

Cons: Set only allows for one possible construction combination; needs time and effort on the part of parents to help child construct this toy.

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Trix Track-2 Way Flipper
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