3 in 1 Value Pack

Dimensions: L:31cm  x  W:67cm  x  H:79cm
Brand: Wonderworld
Product Code: Wonder Sensory Block + Rolling Tik Tok + Oval Roller
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1. Wonder Sensory Blocks

Product Description - The Wonder Sensory Blocks includes 3 blocks for visual stimulation 3 blocks for sound (audio) stimulation and 3 blocks for touch and feel stimulation.

Ages - 18 months and above

Develop - Helps develop the Three Senses: Vision, Touch and Hearing.


2. Rolling Tik Tok

Product Description - The Rolling Tik Tok has wooden stick inside that make a tick tock sound while rolling along.

Ages - 3 months and above

Develop - Help develop babys hand-eye coordination and concentration.


3. Oval Roller

Product Description - The Oval Roller has wooden cubes inside that make sound when rolling.

Ages - 3 months and above

Develop - Help develop babys eye-hand coordination and entices baby to crawl.

              - Gross and fine motor skill.


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3 in 1 Value Pack
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