Dimensions: L:29cm  x  W:8cm  x  H:37cm
Brand: Gigo
Product Code: #7409
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GECKOBOT  Learn the physics of pneumatics and suction, and observe the bionic-like motions


● Build your own Geckobot which can climb on smooth surfaces like windows!
● Learn the physics of pneumatics and suction, and observe the bionic-like motions.
● Understand the complexities of mechanical timing and its applications.
● Requires 2 AAA/LR03 and 3 AA/LR06 batteries-not included.



  • 176 pieces Components
  • 7 Models to build
  • Colorful Manual Included


Suitable Age: 8 and above


More Details:

The astonishing wall walking robot has a motorized air suction system that makes it able to walk directly vertical on a smooth surface.
The battery driven motor gear function creates a rotation that makes legs move like on a real Gecko, and the suction pumps make the feet able to stick and release on a surface at the right moment.
While walking tail part moves from side to side and makes the robot look very alive.
You can build other animal designs on the same function and 6 alternative experiments with suction and learn about Bionic movements.


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