Smart Machine

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SMART MACHINES ~Experience a World of Real and Virtual Cubes


● Gigo's high end new robotics concept with sensor reactive programmable robot system. Bluetooth Remote ControControl Tablet or Smart Phone. Included Free App with easy User Interface to do remote control & programming.

Android : 4.4.2 to 5.0
IOS : 8 to 9   
Bluetooth: 4.0

●The ultrasonic sensor let children understand the principles of radar.
● Advanced Bluetooth technology makes it easy to connect with smartphones and tablets.
●The companion app enables children to learn to write and design programs.
●The new battery box connects to the ultrosonic sensor and two motors.
●Reuqires 3 AA/LR6 batteries – not included.

Age: Suitable for 8 years old & above


Product Features-More details
● As well as detailed assembly instructions, the manual also includes principles and applications so that children can learn about sonar sensors and coding through play.
● Gigo’s technology department has adapted to modern trends by combining smartphones and tablets that allow users to download free apps that let them write their own programs.
● Each model can be linked via Bluetooth to smartphones or tablets and controlled using the companion app.
● This set contains the new 40X motor that allows models to run even more smoothly. The planetary gear structure of the motor gives robots a speed change function.
● This product includes machines, ultrasonic Sensor, bluetooth technology, and app programing to give children a full educational experience.
● The characteristics of the blocks allow you to create a truly unique robot.
How to play
● The battery box’s unique design doesn’t include a switch; just lightly shake the model to toggle power. It automatically shuts off after a period of inactivity to preserve power.
● Use a smartphone or tablet and the companion app
to write programs that allow the robots to automatically
execute missions or play music you compose.
● From action to innovation, add your unique experiences
and thoughts and guide children to inject their unique
ambition and creative thinking to develop even more
models and create their own robots.

Smart Machine has Won the GOLD AWARD in A Parent's Choice Award


•A captivating and challenging way  to introduce to robotics and basic programming.
•Users can also design, build, and play with robots of their own creation.
•The detailed, fully-illustrated manual explains a variety of scientific concepts and terminology.

Review by: Sharon Heuscher ©2016 Parents' Choice
Sharon holds B.A.s in English Literature and Ancient Studies as well as a B.S. in
Psychology. She is currently a masters-level trainee in Clinical Psychology
specializing in neurodegenerative diseases. For the past thirteen years, Sharon
has focused primarily on raising, educating, and nurturing her five children who
range in age from three to thirteen.

The Robotics: Smart Machines Engineering Kit, a 230-piece kit for children aged eight
through fourteen years, is a captivating and challenging way to introduce children to
robotics and basic programming. There are components and instructions for eight
pre-designed, programmable, remote-controlled (via smart device) robots: a bipedal
droid, a spy bot, a beetle, a crocodile, a tiltrotor aircraft, a robo dog, a robotosaurus
(my son's favorite, by the way), and a catapult. Users can also design, build, and play
with robots of their own creation. The kit also includes a detailed, fully-illustrated, 64-
page instruction manual, a hallmark of the Thames and Kosmos science kits.

The instructions are accurate and easy-to-follow; and, each set of instructions is
rated easy, medium, or hard to ensure that children are challenged, but not
overwhelmed by the activities. The manual also includes a variety of helpful tips
and tricks for assembling (and disassembling) the various models. Additionally, the
manual defines and explains a variety of scientific concepts and terminology
including, but not limited to, sonar, echolocation, and radar. Each model also comes
with sample programs as well as space to plan and diagram new programs (e.g.,
teaching the bipedal droid to sing).
Although children at the older end of the age range may be able to complete the
projects independently (depending on previous programming knowledge and
experience), younger children will most likely require adult assistance with most
aspects of the activity. It should also be noted that these not the sort of projects that
can be completed in five or ten minutes; these models take time and patience to
complete and program. All of which leads to discovery and playful learning

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Smart Machine
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