Robot Factory

Dimensions: L:25.5cm  x  W:6.5cm  x  H:28cm
Brand: Gigo
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Features :

● Classic wacky moving robots.
● Learn simple mechanics involving motors, gears, and other mechanical components to make robots move the way you want.
● Develop mechanical engineering, reasoning, and visual-spatial skills.
● Understand the development lifecycle.

Suitable Age: 5 and above

Contents: 117 pieces, 8 models to build, coloufull manual included.


  •  fine motor skills
  • mechanical engineering skills
  • visual-spatial skills
  • reasoning and concept development skills


Build a series of wacky, motorized robots with this introductory mechanical engineering kit for kids ages five and up. A beautifully illustrated, 36-page storybook centers around the adventures of the Omegas — the family of makers and engineers. This story takes the characters to a robot factory where the robots have gotten a little out of control. One by one, the robots are fixed up and put back into working order.

As they follow the story, kids can build models of eight different robots and experiment with them to see how each one uses the battery-powered motor, gears, and other mechanical parts. Each robot moves its arms or legs in a different way, creating funny walking and moving behaviors, and also teaching kids how simple mechanical systems work.

Large, cubic plastic building pieces make it easy for small hands to put the models together. Robot Factory provides an engaging way to teach simple engineering concepts to young children, allowing parents, teachers, and caregivers to lay the groundwork for strong STEAM-related skills and comprehension at an early age.


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Robot Factory
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