Dimensions: L:40cm  x  W:37cm  x  H:85cm
Brand: Gigo
Product Code: #7366
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Use the air power to float the hovercraft which moves quickly not only on land but also on the Water.



There are many hidden scientific secrets around us, especially in the air. Because it is transparent and formless, it's difficult for human beings to discover its mystery. Therefore we invented the Hovercraft. There are many new creations including the air engine, the unique balloon engine and also the experimental blowing system. All above arouse our curiosity,  and try doing the experiments we can discover the secrets of the air.

  • Use the air power to lift and push the hovercraft which not only on land but also on the water
  • Understand the functions of each types of propeller.



  • 110 pieces components
  • 20 Model to build (one at a time)
  •  Color instruction manual include


 Age : 8 Years Old and Above



                 2015 ASTRA Best Toys for Kids Winner






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