Remote Control Machine

Dimensions: L:48cm  x  W:9cm  x  H:33cm
Brand: Gigo
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REMOTE CONTROL MACHINES~Develop Kids' Problem Solving capabilities


● Operate with infrared technology 
● Infrared and touch sensitive remote control with 6 keys and 3 direction arrows: up, down and side; allows you to control the machines’ movements and direction. 
20 models to assemble: robot, race car, crane, bulldozer... 
● 3 electric motors. 
● Full colour instruction sheet (explanation of principle and aseembly steps)                                                                                                     

● 5 AA batteries - not included.      


Age: 8 Years Old and Above        


2014 Parents' Choice Silver Award

The Operating Principle

When the user's fingers approach the touch pad of the Remote Controller, the capacitance will change. The driver IC of the touch pad can figure out the changed amount of capacitance and convert it into coordi=nates (X,Y, θ angle). In this way, the touch pad is able to detect the movement of fingers. The touch pad is not only easy to use and flexible, but environment-friendly by saving electronic components in assembly.


IR Remote Control ( Infrared Ray Remote Control)

MAKE MY REMOTE CONTROL adopts a remote-control mode in which infrared ray is used to output the control message. It features directionality (The control message has to be outputted toward the receiver) and short-distance validity ( about 7 meters in general).

The 3 rows of touch pads facing the three correcponding output positions on the Receiver/Battery holder, can control the rotation of the corresponding output motors clockwise or conterclockwise. When the tpuch pad is touched (receives a message), the speaker and the LED will give sound and light effects. That's really interesting. 

The player can touch three touch pads on three rows at the same time so that the three corresponding output motors can be activated at the same time. However, tpuching two toch pads on the same row simultaneously won't cause any action.

Two 1.5V-AA batteries are needed. Set the switch to OFF when it is not to be used in order to save energy.


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Remote Control Machine
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