Oval Roller

Dimensions: L:7cm  x  W:7cm  x  H:7.5cm
Brand: Wonderworld
Product Code: WW-1533
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Oval Roller-Color from nature

An unusual newborn toy that has little wooden squares inside. Roll it along and hear it go clickety clack. Great for developing auditory skills, and hand eye co-ordination.

Sustainable rubberwood, with natural colours extracted from botanical sources such as leaves and flowers.

The block color are extracted from Spinach, Lucerne, Nettle, Carrot, Marigold, Buterfly Pea, Roselle and  ETC.

Safe and Non-Toxic for children.


  • I can reach and grasp
  • Develop baby eye-hand coordination 
  • Goal directed movement.

Age : 3 months baby and above

Review From Parents:

This is perfect for a baby learning to grasp and track. The wooden rattle noise is pleasant unlike plastic shakers which just don't sound as nice. Wood is super smooth and all natural vegetable dyes make it even better than a lot of the other wooden toys out there. What's not to love?? I think for the price the quality is outstanding. And it's supposed to be small...otherwise it wouldn't be suitable for a young baby!


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Oval Roller
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