Temple Trap

Dimensions: L:15.6cm  x  W:5.6cm  x  H:18.4cm
Brand: Smart Games
Product Code: SG-440
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The walls are constantly shifting in this unique puzzle game!

Arrange the walls and the stairs to create a path through the Temple...but in this maze the walls constantly shift! Starter challenges can be solved in just a few moves, but the harder challenges often need 50 or more moves. Only a smart adventurer can escape this cursed labyrinth!

In this temple, the walls constantly shift! Temple Trap is a unique puzzle game where players are challenged to navigate their adventurer through the temple by sliding the playing pieces.

Be carful! One wrong step and you could be dinner for the crocodiles! Only a smart adventurer can escape this temple!



game board with shifting play pieces

pawn and booklet with challenges and solutions.



Logical thinking skills

Strategic planning

Visual and spatial perception



48 challenges



7 Years Old and Above


How To Play

1. Choose a challenge and place all the puzzle pieces as indicated by the symbols on the walls. Place the pawn on the right starting position.


2. Slide the puzzle pieces so you can move your pawn:

. Your pawn can never move over the empty space (water with crocodiles)

.When sliding the puzzle pieces with walls, the pawn always has to be placed upon a puzzle piece with a hole. The puzzle piece the pawn is standing on is locked at that time and can't be slided.

.The maze has two floors. You can only change floors by using a puzzle piece with a staircase on it.

.While solving the challenge the pawn mainly change position through the puzzle pieces on the bottom floor. It is also possible for the pawn to move over the top floor, but it will always stop its movement on the bottom floor. This is because the puzzle pieces on the top floor do not have holes to contain the pawn.

.Puzzle pieces with walls can only be slided, never lifted off the board. The exit of the maze is located on the top floor. So your last step will always have to make a passage so that the bottom floor is connected to the exit through a puzzle piece with stairs.


3.You have found a correct solution when your pawn can escape the maze. Most challenges have multiple solutions. You can find one of them at the back of the booklet.

*indicates the minimum number of moves to solve the challenge.


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Temple Trap
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