Chicken Shuffle

Dimensions: L:15.9cm  x  W:4.8cm  x  H:18.2cm
Brand: Smart Games
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Keep your eggs covered!

The chickens are clucking away down on the farm. Each broody chicken wants to sit on her egg, but that's not as simple as it sounds! 

Chicken Shuffle is a unique puzzle game that challenges you to shuffle the chickens around until there is one chicken nesting on each egg.  Each challenge becomes more difficult!

Use your brain to cover your eggs! Chicken Shuffle is a sliding puzzle game where players help each chicken sit on its eggs. Seems simple...but sliding the pieces around until all the eggs are covered is deceptively difficult.



game board with transparent sliding puzzle and handy storage compartment

cards with 48 challenges

leaflet with game rules and solutions



Logical Thinking

Analytic Skill

Strategic Planning


Suitable Age: 5 Years Old and Above


How to play


1. Open the lid of the game board and choose a challenge card.











Step 2

Slide the puzzle tiles around until each and every egg is covered by a chicken nesting on it.

















Step 3

The correct final positions of the chickens can be found in the leaflet.















Awards :Highest Recommendation Protégez-vous Magazine 2011

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Chicken Shuffle
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