Dimensions: L:17.2cm  x  W:16cm  x  H:4.6cm
Brand: Smart Games
Product Code: SG-420
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Make or break the snake!

Can you use your brain to bring this mythical snake back to life? Place all puzzle pieces together on the game board and recreate the snake from head to tail. But watch out for the snake in the grass: the puzzle tiles are double sided!



  • 100 challenges
  • compact game with handy storage compartment
  • 8 double-sided puzzle tiles


Visual & Spatial Perception

Analytically Skill 



7 Years Old and Above


How to play

1. Choose a challenge and place the puzzle tiles that are indicated as shown.

2. Place all remaining puzzle tiles on the game board to recreate a snake from head to tail.

3. You have got the solution wrapped up when you can create one completge snake.

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