AMIQ Logical Advance

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AMIQ provides a hands-on experience through a variety of themes that incorporate general knowledge, numerical skills, spatial awareness, scientific concepts, geometry and new vocabularies, all of which relate to our daily lives.



Features :

  • Systematic and tailored to ensure activities run from easy to difficult by progressively incorporating learned skills.
  • Able to empower the curiosity of young minds that is essential in developing motivation in self-learning.
  • Inspires creativity and imagination with attractive illustrations and intelligent puzzles.
  • Develop the motor skill and mind thinking simultaneously
  • Develop the logical thinking with the abstract visual ability which lack in our education system.

Age: For children 2-12years old


Content: 30 booklets and 1 control device


Logical Advance

E combining the calculation and the variation of the dot-line-plane concept, and together with guidance of the attractive story to let the children to understanding furthermore of the concept of cause and effect. The 5 main logical domain in AMIQ which is LIFE, MATHS, SPACE, CAUSE & EFFECT and VISUAL LOGIC will be all learned until this stage.

F is the advance level which combining every contents in A - E, which it involve multiple complicated thinking and the application of the logical thinking in life. The systematic and gradually learning in the 6 levels ofAMIQ build up the foundation of the education and to ease the children in the learning process.

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AMIQ Logical  Advance
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