Brain Train

Dimensions: L:47cm  x  W:4.83cm  x  H:31cm
Brand: Smart Games
Product Code: SG-040
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Brain Train ~ Train your brain with this form game!

This train is both a puzzle and a toy train. Can you place the shapes in the wagons in the correct order? As the assignments become more difficult, you will receive fewer instructions. Are you on the right track? Make sure that all wagons are stuck together before your train leaves the station.



Locomotive with 2 wagons, 9 colored blocks with different shapes, booklet with 48 assignments and solutions.


  • Brain teasing fun for the whole family
  • 48 challenges, easy to expert
  • Flexible Thinking, Schedule, Problem solving-way of thinking skill, Spatial Awareness, Visual Observation.


Suitable Age: 2 to 9 years old


Stimulates These Cognitive Skills:

  • Flexible Thinking
  • Schedule
  • Problem solving-way of thinking skill
  •  Spatial Awareness
  • Visual Observation.


How to play..

Choose an assignment.

Place the blocks in the train so that their color and shape match the assignment. 

The different wagons must be connected to each other.

There is only 1 solution.


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Brain Train
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