C Block - Gear Blocks

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Name                  : Power Pack With Spindle Gear ..

RM97.52 Ex Tax: RM92.00

Name                  : Power Pack With Drive Axle M..

RM97.52 Ex Tax: RM92.00

Name                  : 1.5V Solar Power Pack Materi..

RM146.28 Ex Tax: RM138.00

Name                  : 16X Motor Material  &nb..

RM60.95 Ex Tax: RM57.50

Name                  : 16X Motor With LED Socket Ma..

RM79.24 Ex Tax: RM74.75

Name                  : Racing Tire Material  &..

RM6.71 Ex Tax: RM6.33

Name                  : 1200mm Tube B Material ..

RM12.19 Ex Tax: RM11.50

Name                  : 2000mm Tube A Material ..

RM18.29 Ex Tax: RM17.25
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