Junior Engineer

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Junior Engineer Tool kits for future Engineer! This 79 piece engineering kit will provide hour..

RM230.90 Ex Tax: RM230.90

Junior Engineer-Construction Machine This classic building set came with 160 piece const..

RM499.90 Ex Tax: RM499.90

CRAZY CRAFTS ●8 models that stimulate the imagination of young kids ●Recognizing various vehi..

RM130.90 Ex Tax: RM130.90

GEAR UP ●Machines recognition for kids from basic gear knowledge to senior gear knowledge. ●Self..

RM499.90 Ex Tax: RM499.90

JUNIOR ENGINEER - MAGIC GEARS Magic Gears shares many of the parts of the Junior Engineer and is ..

RM230.90 Ex Tax: RM230.90

Junior Engineer - Mini Zoo The Junior Engineer - Mini Zoo kit is a fun, learning, toy experiment ..

RM250.90 Ex Tax: RM250.90

THEME PARK ●3 beginner model instructions are provided to immediately start enjoying and learning..

RM330.90 Ex Tax: RM330.90

Junior Engineer Tool Set   Extra tools for Junior Engineer. More tools more FUN!  ..

RM24.90 Ex Tax: RM24.90
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